Licensing is an arrangement where a brand provides rights and responsibilities of their brand within a given region or country. In our case, Accesso Europe specializes in brokering country licenses on behalf of North American or UK based companies to markets in Europe.
If you are a brand, consider the benefits of an immediate financial gain from the sale of country license agreements plus an opportunity to benefit from on-going revenue. The opportunity to be successful comes with the implementation of the right experienced entrepreneur or investment group in the region with an intimate understanding of the economic, business, demographic and cultural landscapes within that country. 
If you are a corporate executive, seasoned entrepreneur, or are a part of an investment group, you will appreciate the country license benefits with the strength of a brand and intellectual property plus ongoing growth opportunities.
Travel & Tourism Industry Focused and Experienced
Acceso Europe is the premier travel & tourism industry country license brokerage in Europe. Our team has a proven track record in building travel and tourism related companies from start-up to expansion, to successful exits throughout Europe. We maintain a database of qualified entrepreneurs and investment groups interested in working with best in class brands. 
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