Wolf Wӧrster is a life long travel industry entrepreneur with a proven track record in building companies from start-up to successful exit.


Wolf has founded numerous travel related organizations in Vancouver, Berlin, Marbella and Prague. Some of his businesses included Volta Villas (formerly Wolf Worster Villas), an ultra luxury villa agency which managed homes in a dozen countries; The International Adventure Travel Show  (IATS) -  the largest international adventure travel event which was sold to major sports brand; and CertiStay, the short term rental industry’s first safety & security certification. The company raised an initial US $2M and recently implemented an insurance component where Wolf remains a non-active shareholder and board member.


When not attending to clients, Wolf who is a German-Canadian, is an avid badminton and tennis player, and an active father of two young men.

His businesses have been featured in: