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Master Franchising is an arrangement where a franchise provides rights and responsibilities of their brand within a given geographic territory, usually a country. In our case, Accesso Europe specializes in brokering master franchises on behalf of North American or UK based brands to markets in Europe.
If you are a franchise, consider the benefits of an immediate financial gain from the sale of a master franchise region plus revenue sharing of local franchise openings and on-going royalties. The opportunity to be successful comes with the implementation of a suitable, experienced entrepreneur or investment group who has an intimate understanding of the economic, business, demographic and cultural landscapes within that country.
If you are a corporate executive, seasoned entrepreneur, or are a part of an investment group, you will appreciate the master franchise benefits from the strength of a brand, franchisor support, and the opportunity to share in the ongoing royalties and franchise fees from locations in a region.
Travel & Tourism Industry Focused and Experienced
Acceso Europe is the premier travel & tourism industry master franchise brokerage in Europe. Our team has a proven track record in building travel and tourism related companies from start-up to expansion, to successful exits throughout Europe. We maintain a database of qualified entrepreneurs and investment groups interested in working with best in class franchises. 
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