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Successful founders are often looking to exit their investment, not necessarily because their company is not doing well, but because it is a smart business decision.
There is value in a business but no liquidity for founders and shareholders until they go through a transaction of selling a portion or all their company. 
Sometimes founders simply want to cash out to reap the rewards of their efforts. A large lump sum payout after closing on the sale of the business can offer the financial freedom to pursue new ventures or simply enjoy a lifestyle change. Changes in marital status, health issues, or simply retirement can lead to a lack of inspiration or ability to further grow their business. At this stage, the result is stagnation or worse a decline in the businesses’ financial health, at which point is may be better to sell and pass the torch to a new owner or organization, who may be able to enhance and grow the business.
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Acceso Europe is the premier travel & tourism industry business brokerage in Europe. Our team has a proven track record in building travel and tourism related companies from start-up to expansion, to successful exits throughout Europe. We maintain a database of qualified C-Level tourism industry executives, entrepreneurs and investment groups interested in expanding through acquisition
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